Delivery policy

  1. Introduction

1.1    In this policy we set out details of the delivery methods, periods and charges that apply to orders for our products made through our

1.2    This policy is a legally binding document, and this policy shall form part of the contract of sale between you and we made under our [terms and conditions of sale].] OR [This policy shall not create legally enforceable rights and obligations; rather, our usual practice in relation to the delivery of products is indicated in this policy.

  1. Free delivery

2.1    We offer are affiliated with Amazon and Ali express their standard delivery to all mainland UK and Worldwide addresses policies apply.

2.2    All other orders will be subject to delivery charges as detailed in Section 5.

  1. Geographical limitations

3.1    We will deliver to the following countries and territories: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and Worldwide.

3.2    We may from time to time agree to delivery products to other countries and territories.

  1. Delivery methods and periods

4.1    The methods that we use to deliver our products, and the time periods within which delivery is usually completed, please check Amazon and Ali Express Delivery Policy.

  1. Delivery charges

5.1    Delivery charges will be calculated check Amazon and Ali Express website and automatically applied to your order during the checkout process.

  1. Delivery tracking

6.1    Delivery tracking is available in respect of all orders for our products.

  1. Receipt and signature

7.1    Deliveries must be received in person at the delivery address, and a signature must be provided.

7.2    Our delivery service provider will notify you in advance of attempting to make a delivery requiring signature.